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CEPAL Review no. 122

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CEPAL Review no. 122

Physical Description: 260 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL Date: August 2017 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2017/10-P ISSN: 0251-2920 ISBN: 9789211219579

Table of contents

Social protection systems, redistribution and growth in Latin America / José Antonio Ocampo and Natalie Gómez-Arteaga .-- The progress and evolution of women’s participation in production and business activities in South America / Beatrice E.Avolio and Giovanna F.Di Laura .-- Deindustrialization and economic stagnation in El Salvador / Luis René Cácere .-- Economic growth and gender inequality: an analysis of panel data for five Latin American countries / Alison Vásconez Rodríguez .-- Who borrows to accumulate assets? Class, gender and indebtedness in Ecuador’s credit market / Carmen Diana Deere and Zachary B.Catanzarite .-- Colombian agricultural product competitiveness under the free trade agreement with the United States: analysis of the comparative advantages / Rémi Stellian and Jenny Paola Danna-Buitrago .-- Public transport, well-being and inequality: coverage and affordability in the city of Montevideo / Diego Hernández .-- Sectoral breakdown of total factor productivity in Chile, 1996-2010 / Patricio Aroca and Nicolás Garrido .-- The impact of the minimum wage on income and employment in Mexico / Raymundo M.Campos Vázquez, Gerardo Esquivel and Alma S.Santillán Hernández .-- Spatial distribution of the Brazilian national system of innovation: an analysis for the 2000s / Ulisses Pereira dos Santos .-- Analysis of the duration of unemployment and outcomes for unemployed persons in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela / Josefa Ramoni Perazzi, Giampaolo Orlandoni Merli, Surendra Prasad Sinha, Elizabeth Torres Rivas and Angel Zambrano .--

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