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Asia-Pacific and Latin America: Dynamics of regional integration and international cooperation

June 2017 | International Trade
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Hosono, Akio
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International Trade
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Regional economic integration is stronger when complementarity and synergy effects are generated between “de jure” economic integration and close economic relations achieved autonomously through market-led /business-driven integration. This observation is important when we consider bringing closer the economic ties between Asia Pacific and Latin America. Japan has a large potential to contribute to the development of such economic ties. This is precisely because of the unique position that Japan has long retained both in East Asia and Latin America, and its catalytic role for the process of industrial development and structural transformation.

Table of contents

Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Analytical approach and main topics .-- II. Building institutions for economic integration and expanding intra-regional economic relations in East Asia and Latin America .-- III. Dynamics of Industry development in East Asia, economic integration, and international cooperation .-- IV. Dynamics of industrial development and international cooperation in Latin America .-- V. Concluding remarks: toward closer economic relations between Asia Pacific and Latin America.