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Portada documento efectos guerra de Ucrania en Uruguay
23 December 2022 | News
A publication by ECLAC’s Office in Montevideo points up effects on inflation, the terms of trade and interest rates, which could jeopardize the economy’s dynamism next year.
9 November 2022 | Press Release
The regional organization’s Executive Secretary, José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, presented today the main document of the XV Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, which is taking place through Friday in Buenos Aires.
Banner Mazzucato English
19 October 2022 | Announcement
The report, commissioned by ECLAC, will be launched at a side event of the regional organization’s thirty-ninth session, which will take place in Argentina.
23 August 2022 | Press Release
In a new edition of its flagship annual report “Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean,” the United Nations organization underlines the challenges of reactivating investment and growth in a context of growing external and domestic restrictions.
Banner launch of the Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2022
16 August 2022 | Announcement
The United Nations regional organization will provide the new figures next Tuesday, August 23, during the launch of its annual report “Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2022.”
Clausura seminario Política Fiscal
14 June 2022 | News
The gathering, which brought together Finance authorities from 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as prominent international experts, concluded on Tuesday, June 14 at ECLAC’s headquarters.
13 June 2022 | Press Release
Authorities from Finance Ministries in 12 of the region’s countries kicked off the XXXIV edition of the Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy, at ECLAC’s headquarters.
Banner XXXIV Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy
8 de June de 2022 | Announcement
This annual gathering will take place on June 13-14 with the participation of authorities from the Finance Ministries of 11 Latin American and Caribbean countries.
6 June 2022 | Press Release
A new special report by ECLAC indicates that the economic deceleration, higher inflation and the slow and incomplete recovery of labor markets will increase poverty, extreme poverty and food insecurity in the region in 2022.
10 de May de 2022 | Fact sheet
Resumen del artículo publicado en Revista CEPAL N° 136, abril de 2022. Autora: Katiuska King Mantilla.
10 de May de 2022 | Press Release
Principal publicación académica del organismo incluye además artículos sobre la acumulación del capital en la región, cambio tecnológico y mercados laborales, entre otros temas.
27 April 2022 | Press Release
CIAT, ECLAC, the IDB and the OECD launched a new edition of their joint publication Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean 2022.
27 April 2022 | Press Release
Today ECLAC released new economic projections for the countries of the region. Lower expected growth will be accompanied by higher inflation and slow employment recovery.
12 January 2022 | Press Release
In its annual report Preliminary Overview of the Economies 2021, ECLAC emphasizes that 2022 will be a year of major challenges for growth, job creation and tackling the pandemic’s social toll.
foto de los participantes en el evento
20 de October de 2021 | Announcement
La CEPAL, AECID y el Ministerio de Desarrollo Social de Paraguay organizaron taller internacional virtual sobre el tema.
Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL
28 September 2021 | News
The organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, stressed the importance of international cooperation to redistribute concessional funding to the nations most affected by the crisis, at a high-level event held in the framework of the UN General Assembly.
31 August 2021 | Press Release
ECLAC’s new annual report warns that the crisis has worsened the region’s structural problems, forecasts a deceleration for next year, and affirms that in order to sustain inclusive, dynamic and sustainable growth, more investment and employment are needed.
8 July 2021 | Press Release
In a new report, ECLAC raised its regional growth estimate for this year to 5.2% based on an economic rebound but that does not ensure sustained expansion. It warns that the social impacts of the crisis are worsening and will continue during the recovery.
1 June 2021 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary participated in a session on a new global tax agenda as part of the Jobs Reset Summit organized by the World Economic Forum.
Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL
25 May 2021 | News
The organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, participated in a high-level roundtable convened by the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres.