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About the office ECLAC-Buenos Aires

CEPAL Buenos Aires

Located in Buenos Aires, the ECLAC office in Argentina was created in December 1973 by virtue of a cooperation agreement between the Office of the Executive Secretary of ECLAC and the Government of Argentina. The new office started work in 1974. In March 2002, senior cabinet members of the Office of the President of Argentina and the Deputy Executive Secretary of ECLAC signed a new Cooperation Agreement between the Commission and the Government of Argentina.

Over the past 40 years, the ECLAC office has devoted constant efforts to the study of the Argentine economy. It serves a dual function: first, to respond to requests for technical cooperation from public-sector bodies and other organizations with a view to specific undertakings. Second, as an integral part of the ECLAC secretariat, the office incorporates Argentine experiences into the Commission’s work at the regional level and, in the reverse direction, ensures that this regional and subregional work is publicized in Argentina.