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About the ECLAC Office in Bogotá

With the aim of deepening understanding of development issues in the region, in 1952 ECLAC began establishing a network of national and subregional offices. The ECLAC office in Bogota was set up through an agreement with the Government of Colombia signed in November 1963.

With this step, ECLAC proposed to decentralize and add value to the implementation of economic studies on development, trade and integration and technical cooperation projects.

The ECLAC office in Bogota contributes to regular and ad hoc economic studies conducted by the Commission, disseminates its work and provides technical cooperation to national and regional government bodies and agencies.

The office’s main areas of work are:

  • Poverty and social development
  • Social protection
  • Territorial development and competitiveness
  • Sustainable development
  • Rural development
  • Macroeconomics, fiscal affairs and employment
  • Disasters