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Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in the Republic of Korea: Policy Framework and illustrative cases for Latin America and the Caribbean

9 September 2021|Event

The webinar is part of the activities of the Cooperation Agreement between the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Republic of Korea 2020-2021: Component II: Nature-based solutions for a sustainable recovery post Pandemic Covid-19.

The objective is to learn about experiences from the public, social and academic sectors of the Republic of Korea to promote the sustainability of agriculture and draw lessons for Latin America and the Caribbean.

9 Sep 2021

  • Welcome

    09:00 to 09:10

    Ms. Jeannette Sánchez, Director, Division of Natural Resources, ECLAC.

    Mr. Yang Ho In, Minister, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Chile.

  • Achievements and challenges in R&D to strengthen the sustainability of agriculture in the Republic of Korea.

    09:10 to 09:35

    Mr.  Kwon Taek-Ruoun, Director General, Office for Technological Cooperation, Korean Rural Development Administration

    • Kwon Taek-Ryoun
      Achievements & Challenges in R&D to Strengthen the Sustainability of Agriculture in Korea
  • The sustainable production model of the Korean Ecofriendly Association

    09:35 to 10:00

    Mr. Isidor Byeong Deok Yu, Korean Ecofriendly Agriculture Association

    • Isidor Byeong Deok Yu
      A Sustainable Production Model of the Korean Eco Friendly Association
  • Enabling factors for universities to be key actors in promoting agricultural production in the Republic of Korea

    10:00 to 10:25

    Mr. Sayed Shah Jan Sadiqi, School of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Kangwon National University

    • Sayed Shah Jan Sadiqi
      Enabling Factors for Universities as Key actors in Promoting Agricultural Production in the Republic of Korea
  • Closing

    10:25 to 10:30

    Ms. Karen Udaeta, Consultant, Division of Natural Resources, ECLAC.

    Mr. Adrián Rodríguez, Chief, Agricultural Development and Biodiversity Unit, Division of Natural Resources, ECLAC.