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Launch of the OPCC Virtual Platform and the Legislative Data Tracker

20 September 2023|Event

Launch event of the OPCC Virtual Platform and Legislative Data Monitor in virtual format with live transmission on ECLAC's YouTube channel and simultaneous translation

This event “Launch of the OPCC Virtual Platform and Legislative Data Tracker” is being convened by the Parliamentary Observatory on Climate Change and Just Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean (OPCC, for its acronym in Spanish) and organized by United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) with the support of Open Society Foundations (OSF). The OPCC is a joint initiative of members of parliaments from fifteen Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) countries. It aims to constitute an information platform and forum that promotes open access to bills and legislation on the environment, climate change, and just transition, as well as disseminating information on parliamentary activities from across the region on those issues.

The OPCC Virtual Platform and Legislative Data Monitor is an online tool that innovates in compiling and presenting information on the status of legislation and draft laws on the environment, on climate change, and on just transition in Latin America and the Caribbean. The main objectives of the event are:

i. Promote OPCC’s support on the free and transparent access to information on environmental legislative activities across the region through the creation of the Legislative Data Platform;

ii. Introduce the OPCC Virtual Platform’s features and introduce analysis of the legislative data on environment, climate change, and just transition in LAC among legislators and the general public;

iii. Through the presentation of the OPCC Virtual Platform, foster the exchange of legislative information on the environment, climate change, and just transition both regionally and on a global scale.

The new domain will be live starting Sept 20, be sure to check it out and spread the word:


Time zone: Brasília, Brazil (GMT-3)



Santiago Lorenzo, Head of the Climate Change Unit, ECLAC

Iago Hairon, Senior Officer, Climate Justice Programme, OSF

Sen. Gladys Gonzalez (Argentina), OPCC co-founder

3:15 – 3:25pm

Panel I: What is the importance of promoting transparency and access to environmental laws in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Parliamentary Secretary Veronica Dorsett (Montserrat), OPCC chair

Dep. Kattia Cambronero (Costa Rica)

3:25 – 3:45pm

Presentation of the OPCC Virtual Platform

Video demonstration of the legislative data platform of the OPCC

Wouter Schallier, Head of the Hernán Santa Cruz Library and Web Services, ECLAC

3:45– 4:20pm

Panel II: Findings of the Legislative Data Tracker: Key Issues and Indicators

Comments from OPCC Chairs on the data presented by the Legislative Tracker


Comments on topics addressed by the platform (suggestions):

  1. Sustainable finance and further innovative tools to be incorporated into environmental laws.

Sen. Raul Bolaños-Cacho Cué (México), OPCC chair

  1. Discussion on the importance of focusing on vital bills and proposals given the limited resources and time requirements of the approval processes.

Rep. Juan Carlos Lozada (Colombia), OPCC chair

Data on Legislative Activities on the Amazon, most relevant information, where we are and where to go.

Sen. Cecilia Requena (Bolivia), OPCC chair

  1. Data on disaster management and mitigation and its relevance in territories threatened by climate change.

Member of the Parliament Gwendell Marcelina (Curaçao), OPCC chair

4:20– 4:30pm


Dep. Nilto Tatto (Brazil), OPPC Chair

Diana Quarless, Director of ECLAC's Subregional Headqurters for the Caribbean

Practical information

The launch will be conducted exclusively in a virtual format, with live broadcast on Youtube. Live interpretation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to be provided.

LINK youtube: