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An in-depth look at the GVC Development Report 2021

22 June 2022|Event

The Global Value Chain (GVC) Development Report 2021, the third edition of a biennial series among different partners, explores the long-term trends in GVCs and the factors shaping them. The report breaks new ground by providing an analysis of GVCs beyond manufactured goods, detailing how value-added in GVCs is increasingly generated through intangible products, such as services and intellectual property. The report also highlights that GVCs have proven to be resilient in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic as well as environmental and geopolitical shocks and sheds light on their importance for the global economic recovery.

Following the presentation of the GVC Development Report 2021, a roundtable will be hosted with the support of UN ECLAC to discuss the way forward for GVCs and policies to make them more resilitent and sustainable in a post-pandemic world. This will include examining options for developing countries in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to promote regional and global value chains in strategic sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, electromobility, and agroindustry, among others.

Government officials in charge of trade and industrial policies, policymakers in general and representatives of the LAC region’s main economic integration schemes are invited to participate in the event.

22 Jun 2022

  • Welcome remarks

    09:00 to 09:05

    José Durán Lima, Head of the Regional Integration Unit, Trade and Integration Division

  • Panelist

    09:05 to 09:20
    • Elisabetta Gentile, Co-Editor of the Report, Asian Development Bank
      Key findings of the GVC Development Report 2021
  • Panel on the GVC Development Report 2021

    09:20 to 10:00


    • Bo Meng, IDE-JETRO


    • Yuqing Xing, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
    • Elisabetta Gentile, Asian Development Bank
    • Victor Stolzenburg, World Trade Organization
    • Etel Solingen, University of California Irvine & American Academy Berlin
    • Kathryn Lundquist, World Trade Organization.
  • Roundtable: Resilient and sustainable GVCs in a post-pandemic world

    10:00 to 10:50


    Sebastián Herreros, ECLAC


    • Yuqing Xing, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
    • José Durán Lima, International Trade and Integration Division, ECLAC
    • Ariel Wirkierman, Institute of Management Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London
    • Renato Coelho Baumann das Neves, International Exchange, and Cooperation Coordinator, Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) 
    • Felipe Bertamini, Latin-American Integration Association (ALADI)