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Regional Public Mechanism

What is the Regional Public Mechanism?

In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Conference of the Parties to the Escazú Agreement, the Secretariat shall maintain a Regional Public Mechanism whereby interested persons can register by filling in a short form available on the Secretariat's website. By registering in this form, you will be able to receive news and updates on the Escazú Agreement. In addition, the Secretariat has provided a participatory digital platform of the Mechanism for public consultations and other participatory processes of the Agreement.

The main objectives of this Mechanism are to keep interested persons informed about the Escazú Agreement and allow for their engagement, coordinate the participation of the public in international meetings and contribute to transparency. Moreover, it can complement participation at the national level.  

1) Registration form to receive information about the Escazú Agreement

2) Go to the Participatory platform of the Regional Public Mechanism here

Representatives of the public 

Representatives of the public are elected through the Regional Public Mechanism. Their role is to promote and facilitate the participation of the public and channel its contributions, including presenting proposals on its behalf. Elected representatives shall carry out consultations with the public at large through the Regional Public Mechanism. 

Elected representatives of the public (2022-2026)