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enero 2015 |
  • Alberro, José Luis
  • Higgins, Richard

It has been established for a long time that there is significant dispersion in prices charged for seemingly homogeneous goods. This may happen in...

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noviembre 2014 |
  • Zapata S., Willy W.
  • Moreno Brid, Juan Carlos
  • Garry, Stefanie

This paper reviews the current status of the international fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, highlighting the...

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diciembre 2010 |
  • Schatan, Claudia
  • Montiel, Mauricio
  • Romero, Indira
NU. CEPAL. Subsede de México

Tourism has been a very dynamic activity worldwide over the last fifteen years (until the 2008-2009 economic crisis);. Some developing...

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diciembre 2005 |
NU. CEPAL. Subsede de México

This article concerns Mexico's industrial policy and economic performance, focusing on an analysis of the structural changes associated...