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November 2004

One of the consequences of the opening of the worlds economies - an integral part of globalization - is increased focus on the efficiency and...

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August 2004

This edition of the Bulletin is based on a document prepared by ECLAC and the Technical Coordination Committee of the presidential initiative for...

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July 2004

The current issue of the Bulletin is based on a document prepared by the ECLAC Transport Unit, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division, on...

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June 2004 |


The countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region have shown a keen
and lasting interest in mechanisms of...

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May 2004

This issue of the Bulletin provides a brief overview of the maritime transport industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a focus on the...

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April 2004 |
  • Thomas, Alan
  • Molina, Diego

The economic and productive development of a region is closely tied to its transport infrastructure. Adequate transport infrastructure enables...

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March 2004

A vision of the role played by infrastructure, transport and related services in the development of competitiveness and productivity is...

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February 2004

- Maritime and port sector: The generalized rise in freight rates, charter costs and the price of ships. - Physical Regional Integration: the need...

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January 2004

Trains in Latin America and the Caribbean mainly serve as a means of mass transit, bearing passengers along local and suburban routes of cities...