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November 2020 |
  • Phillips, Willard
  • Thorne, Elizabeth
  • Roopnarine, Camille

Over the past 50 years, the global annual production of plastics has increased dramatically, from 15 million tons in 1964 to roughly 311 million...

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November 2020 |
  • Bleeker, Amelia

This study examines the data protection laws of six Caribbean countries with a view to identifying gaps and weaknesses and making targeted...

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December 2019 |
  • Indar, Delena

Trinidad and Tobago is heavily dependent on its oil and gas sector to support its economy and society. However, given the challenge of climate...

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December 2015 |
  • Romero, Indira
  • Moreno Brid, Juan Carlos

The oil and gas sector has led the economy of Trinidad and Tobago since the late 1970s and, more pronouncedly, since 2000, accounting for a large...