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CIFFRA: methodological summary

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CIFFRA: methodological summary

Author: Padilla, Ramón - Lage, Carlos Physical Description: 44 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL Date: September 2023 ECLAC symbol: LC/MEX/TS.2023/23


The Joint Program “Support for the development of an Integrated National Framework for Financing the SDGs in Cuba” or CIFFRA is part of the more than 70 international experiences promoted by the United Nations system to finance the 2030 Agenda. The implementation of CIFFRA required a process of learning, assimilation, and innovation, given the peculiarities of the Cuban economy and the realization of the project in the midst of the crisis caused by COVID-19. This report describes in detail the process followed to carry out the project, summarizing the key milestones, lessons, challenges, and contributions. Systematizing the CIFFRA experience can guide similar processes in other countries and serve as a guide for the Cuban government to replicate similar exercises in the future.

Table of contents

Summary .-- Introduction .-- I. Inception phase: planning and prioritization .-- II. Assessment and diagnostic phase: challenges, opportunities and best practices .-- III. Final phase: documenting opportunities, challenges and policy recommendations .-- IV. Other CIFFRA dimensions: support and communication .-- V. Final reflections: CIFFRA as a starting point.