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Multilateral development banks in Latin America: Recent trends, the response to the pandemic, and the forthcoming role

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Author: Fleiss, Pablo UN symbol.: LC/TS.2021/62 54 p. Editorial: ECLAC May 2021


The COVID-19 crisis has hit Latin America and the Caribbean harder than any other developing region. In 2020 the regional GDP will experience its greatest decline in 120 years. The pandemic represents a formidable social challenge, exposing all the regions’ endemic problems. Against this backdrop, this paper analyses the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) response to the COVID-19 crisis and their post-pandemic role and prospects in LAC. Some basic information is presented on the major MDBs that serve the region and their main trends during the last decade to provide an adequate context.

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Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Multilateral development banks in Latin America and the Caribbean: basic concepts and main institutions .-- II. Stylized facts of multilateral lending to Latin America and The Caribbean .-- III. A tale of two crises: comparing the multilateral response during the COVID-19 pandemic and the global financial crisis .-- IV. The renewed role of multilateral development banks: key issues.