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United States- Latin America and the Caribbean trade developments 2018

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  • NU. CEPAL. Oficina de Washington
UN symbol.: LC/WAS/TS.2018/9 36 p. Editorial: ECLAC January 2019


United States Trade Developments 2018, provides an overview of the most relevant developments in United States trade relations with Latin America and the Caribbean and of the measures that inhibit the free flow of goods among countries in the Western Hemisphere. This is an annual report elaborated by the ECLAC Washington Office.

Table of contents

Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. United States Trade Agenda 2018 .-- II. Trade policy developments. A. Tariffs. B. United States trade negotiations. C. United States-China relations .-- III. Trade inhibiting measures. A. Import policies. B. . Overview of selected United States dispute settlement cases involving Latin American and Caribbean countries. C. Agricultural supports.