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Anuario Estadístico de América Latina y el Caribe 2016 = Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean 2016

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  • NU. CEPAL. División de Estadísticas
UN symbol.: LC/PUB.2017/2-P ISBN: 9789211219395 134 p.; grafs., tabls. Editorial: CEPAL February 2017


The Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean of ECLAC presents a set of basic statistics on the economic, sociodemographic and environmental situation of the region during a specific time period. There are some differences between the printed and electronic versions of the Yearbook. The printed version contains a selection of summary tables and graphics providing statistical information from a regional perspective. The electronic version ( includes a greater number of tables, providing more detailed information over a much longer period. This information is part of the statistics available in CEPALSTAT (, the statistical databases and publications portal of ECLAC.