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Monitoring energy efficiency in Latin America

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UN symbol.: LC/W.709 75 p. Editorial: ECLAC November 2016


After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the energy efficiency programmes that the region's countries have been implementing, the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division's (DRNI) Natural Resources Unit (NRU) has reached the conclusion that one of the main obstacles has been the lack of information and indicators to facilitate a quantitative, full and integrated analysis of the evolution of said policies with the objective of making policy interventions based on solid information. The quality of the statistics and the performance indicators to quantify results of national energy efficiency programmes in Latin American and Caribbean countries has been deficient. As a way to overcome this shortcoming, the ECLAC has created the Regional Program BIEE (Energy Efficiency Indicators Database for Latin America and the Caribbean).

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Summary .-- Introduction .-- I. Energy consumption and intensity trends .-- II. Energy efficiency trends in the energy sector .-- III. Energy efficiency trends for households .-- IV. Energy efficiency trends in transport .-- V. Energy efficiency trends in industry .-- VI. Energy efficiency trends in services .-- VII. Energy efficiency in agriculture.

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