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Towards universal social protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

November 2015|
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Towards universal social protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

Editor: Cecchini, Simone-Filgueira, Fernando-Martínez, Rodrigo-Rossel, Cecilia Physical Description: 476 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: November 2015 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2644-P ISBN: 9789211219074


This book reflects on the public policies, programmes and regulatory frameworks that are taking a rights-based approach to expanding social protection coverage and benefits in Latin America, with a view to achieving universal coverage.
The book’s discussion of the policy tools and programmes pursued in the region aims to provide the reader with technical and programmatic insights for assembling and coordinating public policies within consistent and sustainable social protection systems. The combination of normative orientations and stock of technical knowledge, together with advances regarding the rights-based approach to social protection within a life cycle framework, afford the reader not only a tool box of specific social protection instruments, but also an in-depth examination of related political economy aspects.

Table of contents

Foreword .-- Summary .-- part 1. Shifts in social protection policies: the context. Chapter I. Rights and the life cycle: reordering social protection tools / Simone Cecchini, Fernando Filgueira, Rodrigo Martínez, Cecilia Rossel .-- Chapter II. Models of development, the welfare State matrix and
Latin American social policy tools / Fernando Filgueira .-- Part 2. Life cycle and spatial dimensions of social protection. Chapter III. Early childhood and childhood / Cecilia Rossel, María Nieves Rico, Fernando Filgueira .-- Chapter IV. Adolescence and youth / Cecilia Rossel, Fernando Filgueira .-- Chapter V. Working and reproductive years /
Cecilia Rossel, Fernando Filgueira .-- Chapter VI. Old age
/ Cecilia Rossel, Fernando Filgueira .-- Chapter VII. Policies on access to housing
/ Umberto Bonomo, Isabel Brain, Daniela Simioni .-- Chapter VIII. Disaster response challenges for social protection systems /
Luis Hernán Vargas Faulbaum .-- Part 3. Keys to building universal social protection systems. Chapter IX. The rights-based approach in social protection /
Simone Cecchini, María Nieves Rico .-- Chapter X. Building compacts for social protection
/ Carlos F. Maldonado Valera .-- Chapter XI. Coordinating sectors and institutions for building
comprehensive social protection /
Nuria Cunill-Grau, Fabián Repetto, Carla Bronzo .-- Chapter XII. Monitoring and evaluation of social protection
policies and programmes /
Rodrigo Martínez .-- Chapter XIII. Financing and investment for social protection /
Fernando Filgueira, Rodrigo Martínez.

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