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CEPAL Review no.94

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CEPAL Review no.94

Physical Description: 171 p.: grafs., tabls. Editorial: CEPAL Date: April 2008 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2357-P ISSN: 02512920 ISBN: 9789211216721

Table of contents

ECLAC in its historical setting / Tulio Halperin. -- Trade and investment rules: Latin American perspectives /
Pierre Sauvé. -- Poverty and employment in Latin America: 1990-20053 / Simone Cecchini and Andras Uthoff. --
Oil extraction and deforestation: a simulation exercise / Diego Azqueta and Gonzalo Delacámara. -- Determinants of technological innovation in Argentina and Brazil / Eduardo Gonçalves, Mauro Borges Lemos and João de Negri. --
Trade-growth relationship in Cuba: estimation using the Kalman fi lter / Pavel Vidal Alejandro and Annia Fundora Fernández. -- Female-headed single-parent households and poverty in Costa Rica / T.H. Gindling and Luis Oviedo. --
Urban segregation and school backwardness in Rio de Janeiro / Fátima Alves, Creso Franco and Luiz César de Queiroz Ribeiro. -- Public-debt management: the Brazilian experience / Helder Ferreira de Mendonça and Viviane. -- Santos VivianGuidelines for contributors to the CEPAL Review. -- Recent ECLAC publications.