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CEPAL Review no.96

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CEPAL Review no.96

Physical Description: 300 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL Date: December 2008 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2396-P ISSN: 02512920 ISBN: 9789211216912

Table of contents

Introduction / Alicia Barcena. -- ECLAC thinking in the cepal Review (1976-2008) / Andre Hofman and Miguel Torres. -- Towards a theory of change / Raul Prebisch. -- Styles of development in Latin America / Anibal Pinto. -- Income distribution and poverty through crisis and adjustment / Oscar Altimir. -- A historic turning point. Political change and the socio-institutional situation in Latin America /Fernando Calderon. -- Spatial distribution, internal migration and development in Latin America and the Caribbean / Jorge Rodriguez Vignoli. -- International finance and development: opportunity or threat? / Jorge Garcia-Arias.-- Venture capital and innovation in Latin America / Luis Felipe Jimenez. -- The competitive real exchange-rate regime, inflation and monetary policy / Roberto Frenkel
Distributive effects during the expansionary phase in Argentina (2002-2007) / Fernando Groisman. -- The agricultural machinery industry in Argentina: from restructuring to internationalization? / Graciela M. C. Garcia. -- The structure and competitiveness of the Brazilian capital goods industry / Andre Nassif. -- The economic returns to education in Mexico: a comparison between urban and rural areas /Juan Luis Ordaz-Diaz. -- CEPAL Review referees in 2007 and January-August 2008. -- Guidelines for contributors to the CEPAL Review . -- Recent ECLAC publications.