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Towards a new paradigm for urban public transport: the transmilenio case

December 2002|Bulletins » FAL Bulletin
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7 p. Editorial: ECLAC December 2002


The process of urbanization in Latin America presents new challenges for urban transport systems insofar as one of the priorities is to provide proper mobility for the increasing and complex interaction of communities.This edition of the Bulletin, prepared by Irma Chaparro, presents a summary of the recent study entitled Evaluación del impacto socio-económico del transporte urbano en la ciudad de Bogotá. El caso del sistema masivo de transporte, Transmilenio, LC/L 1786-P, October 2002, which considers the socioeconomic impact of the Transmilenio system in Bogotá. This system is part of an integrated transport strategy promoted by the District Authority over the period 1998-2001 and is an avant-garde solution to the difficult problem of transport in the city.