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Traffic congestion: the problem and how to tackle it

October 2003|Bulletins » FAL Bulletin
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Traffic congestion: the problem and how to tackle it

Physical Description: 6 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: October 2003


As the culmination of a project financed by the Technical Cooperation Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany (GTZ), ECLAC has just published Congestión de tránsito - El problema y cómo enfrentarlo, Cuadernos de la Cepal series, No. 87. The text of 194 pages analyses the negative impacts of congestion and the multidisciplinary efforts that are needed to keep it under control, through the design of appropriate policies and measures. Congestion control is part of the development of a strategic vision of how a city should develop which can make it possible to harmonize the needs of mobility, growth and competitiveness, which are so necessary today and in the future, with the sustainability of cities and the improvement of their quality of life.The task is complex and it is not easy to find appropriate solutions. The present publication presents tools for tackling this crucial problem. Everything indicates that it calls for high professional and leadership qualities on the part of the authorities, and that it must have the active support of the citizens.This edition of the Bulletin presents a summary of the main conclusions of the publication and it is stressed that ECLAC can conduct local workshops to analyze the problem and how to tackle it.