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South American transport statistics system (Setas)

November 1999|Bulletins » FAL Bulletin
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South American transport statistics system (Setas)

Physical Description: 7 p. Editorial: ECLAC Date: November 1999


A meeting of experts was held in Santiago, Chile on 27 and 28 October 1999 to mark the start of the project for the development of the South American Transport Statistics System (SETAS). The main objective of the meeting was to analyse different elements for the development of a SETAS pilot project. The meeting was attended by representatives of Bolivia, Brazil and Chile, the countries chosen to participate in this early stage of the project's development. Officials from the Latin American Integration Association (LAIA), and from the Statistics and Economic Projections Division and the Transport Unit, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division of ECLAC also participated. This edition of the FAL Bulletin focuses on this regional effort, listing the specifications and components of the SETAS pilot plan and the results expected from its implementation.