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International trade and global poverty

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Author: Guadagni, Alieto Aldo - Kaufmann, Jorge UN symbol.: LC/G.2258-P p. 83-96 December 2004


In the light of the extent of global poverty and the challenge
presented by the Millennium Development Goals for its reduction, this article analyzes one of the clearest and most effective ways of reducing poverty: trade liberalization -especially agricultural trade- by the industrialized countries. 75 percent of all the poor worldwide are in the rural sector of the developing countries, and the agricultural products that these countries could sell face protectionist barriers -tariffs, nontariff measures, subsidies- imposed by the industrialized countries. This article examines the topic in detail, both globally and as to specific products, and presents -based on several studies- the benefits that
trade liberalization in industrialized countries would bring to developing countries, emphasizing the great impact that this liberalization could have on poverty reduction.

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CEPAL Review no.84


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