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Infrastructure to support the digital economy in Chile

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Infrastructure to support the digital economy in Chile

Author: Cominetti, Rossella Physical Description: páginas. 155-168 Date: August 2002 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2180-P


This article presents a model for dealing systematically with the different matters associated with policies for developing the infrastructure necessary to support a digital economy, identifying the roles of the State and the private sector in this respect.It also describes the main initiatives taken in terms of creating and improving the infrastructure and content in the case of Chile,which illustrates the recent progress made in developing the country 's digital economy and the challenges still pending in this field.There is general agreement that Chile must move closer to those countries already incorporated into the information society,and it must do so quickly and promptly.This study helps to identify the main factors for evaluating the policy aimed at promoting access to the digital economy,which is one of the central pillars for designing policies to advance toward the information society.