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Evolution of Argentinian Productive Structure Assessed at Seminar in Buenos Aires

5 December 2014|News

The activity, which also addressed the current international technological dynamic, was organized by ECLAC’s office in Buenos Aires.


Photo of wheat harvest
Photo: EFE/Gustavo Ércole

The main problems Argentina faces in terms of its industrial activity and the current dynamics of international technology were some of the issues discussed at a seminar organized by the office of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Buenos Aires on October 1-3.

The event, which also included a workshop component, was intended to contribute ECLAC's own structural approach to the debate on the industrial policies and technology Argentina requires. The old discussion of static or dynamic economic efficiency was resumed and the problems of the manufacturing sector were also addressed.

The seminar on Argentinian Productive Structure: Recent Evolution and Perspectives included debates on the institutional challenges in terms of industrial policy and technology and on the distinct tensions of the political economy. The seminar also included panels on the situation of the agricultural and service sectors, and the role of foreign companies in an economy like Argentina's.

Finally, the event sought to generate proposals for the Argentinian productive-technological-industrial sectors to move towards a model of more inclusive and equal society.

Access the talks of the three-day seminar: