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Update of Redatam7

23 January 2019|Briefing note

CELADE - Population Division of ECLAC announces to all REDATAM users an update of Redatam7 that includes improvements and new functionalities in the Create, Process and Admin modules.

This update is largely the result of Redatam7 module’s intensive use during the consistency and coherence process of censuses. Specifically, tested in Peru and Guatemala latest censuses. In Guatemala it was used combined with CsPro allowing enhancements in the quality of census data processing, which certainly, will impact in the 2020 census round.

We thank the REDATAM user community for their contributions and performance reports which undoubtedly are and will be reflected in the coming updates of Redatam7. Furthermore, we are pleased to know that our community is growing in Latin America, the Caribbean,  Africa, Asia and Oceania.