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Side event "Inequalities, labor inclusion and the future of work in Latin America"

2 October 2023|Briefing note

In the context of recovery with transformation, it is crucial to promote labor inclusion policies focused on population groups in situations of greater vulnerability, that is, to implement policies that promote equal opportunities to access and develop productive jobs that generate sufficient income to live a decent life and provide job security and social protection, as well as prospects for personal development, social integration and freedom to express opinions, organize and participate in making decisions that affect one's own life. Promoting labor inclusion is not only important for reducing structural inequalities in the region, but also for the economic and sustainable development of the region's countries.

This event presents the main messages of the interdivisional publication produced within the framework of the collaboration agreement between ECLAC and the Ford Foundation: "Social Inequality and the Future of Workers in Latin America in the Context of the Post-Pandemic Recovery". The publication is entitled "Inequalities, Labor Inclusion and the Future of Work in Latin America," with the participation of four ECLAC divisions, the Social Development Division (DSD), the Economic Development Division (EDD), the Gender Affairs Division (GAD) and the Population Division (CELADE).