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CELADE–Population Division of ECLAC is pleased to present its readers with the 2019 edition of the Demographic Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean: Population projections

18 February 2020|Briefing note

This edition compiles selected indicators concerning population estimates and projections at the national level for 38 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The estimates and projections for the 20 Latin American countries were prepared by CELADE–Population Division of ECLAC, together with the United Nations Population Division (UNPD). The figures for the Caribbean countries were prepared by UNPD.

The information corresponding to estimates and projections of the national population in the Latin American and Caribbean countries is also available in spreadsheet format on the website of CELADE–Population Division of ECLAC.

The figures published in this edition of the Observatory, and the eight additional variants prepared by UNPD, are available on the UNPD website (

In this edition, the customary analytical chapter looks at recent population trends in the region. The technical notes list the data sources consulted for each country.