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In Argentina, displaying the main guidelines from ECLAC’s project on Financial Inclusion of SMEs

The main guidelines of ECLAC’s project on financial inclusion of SMEs and the case study of Argentina were presented during a Day on Regional Economic Development in Chaco, Argentina, organized by the Economic and Social Council of the Province of Chaco.

4 October 2017|Briefing note

More than 80 national and provincial representatives participated in the event (the World Bank, BICE, Banco de la Nación, and the Economic and Social Councils of CABA, Chaco and Salto, among others) to discuss the financing for provincial and regional development agenda, including the topic on access to financing for SMEs.

The general objective of the event was to promote regional development, give greater visibility to the problems, and to discuss the proposals and guidelines in order to prioritize a set of strategies and programs.


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