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BOLIVIA: The national Statistical Institute (INE) made available the 2012 Population and Household census database for online processing through its web portal using the Redatam web free software, developed by CELADE/CEPAL

3 April 2014|Briefing note

February, 2014

The tool is developed and continuously updated by CELADE/CEPAL, a United Nations department specialized in population data processing. This software is used in the region, by different entities, as a tool for analysis, processing and massive dissemination of statistical and census information.

“REDATAM is a program that allows any person to process quickly and easily  census data or any other databases. In the case of Bolivia, the database is structured hierarchically base on geographic areas such as departments, provinces and municipalities" explained the CEO of INE, Luís Pereira Stambuk.

The Redatam web server that comes with the 2012 on line census processing, uses Internet technology developed in the context of web communications. The requested tabulations displayed online can be exported to Excel for later use. The census database contains the micro data, i.e. data or variables at the person and household level, Pereira said.