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21 November 2010 | Press Release
Authorities and delegates from over 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries debate the challenges that need to be overcome in order for women to achieve full autonomy.
11 August 2010 | Press Release
Support is also expressed for the creation of UN Women and the post-earthquake reconstruction efforts underway in Haiti and Chile.
12 July 2010 | Press Release
Government officials, experts and representatives of civil society will meet on 13-16 July to discuss public policies for gender equality.
8 July 2010 | Press Release
The inter-governmental forum is the most important event in the region for the analysis of public policies from a gender perspective.
5 December 2008 | Press Release
The issue was discussed at ECLAC during the Forty-second Meeting of Presiding Officers of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean.
9 August 2007 | Press Release
The document reaffirms commitments to ensure women's political participation and recognition of their contribution to the economy and social protection.
7 August 2007 | Press Release
But profound gender inequalities persist in terms of income, social protection and distribution of the workload.
6 August 2007 | Press Release
ECLAC document highlights political participation as a universally-recognized instrument for women's empowerment and gender equity.
6 August 2007 | Press Release
Heads of Women's Ministries and gender-policy authorities from most of the Latin America and Caribbean countries are participating.
12 June 2004 | Press Release
It calls for redoubling efforts to meet shared targets in terms of gender equity.
11 June 2004 | Press Release
Parallel activities: "Millennium Development Goals" and "New Technologies"
10 June 2004 | Press Release
The meeting, organized by ECLAC, will focus on analysing policies to improve the distribution of wealth, power and time between the sexes.
10 June 2004 | Press Release
ECLAC's Executive Secretary told people not to conform themselves while discrimination exists.
10 de June de 2004 | Press Release
La redistribución de la riqueza, del poder y del tiempo es fundamental para terminar con las discriminaciones e inequidades.
9 June 2004 | Press Release
It will analyse policies to better distribute wealth, power and time between the sexes.
28 May 2004 | Press Release
The Ninth Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean will examine the issues of poverty and empowerment.