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Workshop for the use of a tool for balancing the supply and use tables (SUT)

1 December 2021|Event

Co-organized by Statistics Division of ECLAC and United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).

At the last Annual Seminar on National Accounts of Latin America and the Caribbean 2021 organized by ECLAC, a tool was presented to balance supply and use tables (SUT), as a statistical development to support national accounts processes. This presentation aroused great interest in the seminar participants, and as a result of the commitments made on that occasion, this Workshop has been held to use a tool to balance the supply and use tables (COU).

The invitation was addressed mainly to officials from the region's National Statistical Offices, from the national accounts area, and in particular to those in charge of preparing tables of origin and destination and / or input-output matrices.

This workshop was organized over 2 days with identical sessions: December 1 for Latin American participants and December 2 for Caribbean participants.

1 Dec 2021


    11:00 to 13:05

    Taller Uso de una herramienta para equilibrar cuadros de oferta y utilización, COU (1 Dic 2021)



  • Sesión 1: Introducción

    11:00 to 11:25
    •    • Palabras de bienvenida - Objetivos
         • Ronda de presentaciones
  • Sesión 2: Los cuadros de oferta y utilización (COU)

    11:25 to 12:00
    • Ana Victoria Vega, CEPAL
         • Introducción a los cuadros de oferta y utilización (COU)
  • Sesión 3: Equilibrio de los COU y manejo de las restricciones

    12:00 to 13:00
    • Michael Stanger, DENU
         1) Una herramienta para equilibrar COUs – SUTB (la fórmula)
         2) Ejercicios tipo RAS
         3) Equilibrio automáticos de COUs
         4) Restricciones adicionales
         5) Conclusión y desafíos futuros

2 Dec 2021

  • Session 1: Introduction

    11:00 to 11:25
    •    • Welcome remarks & Objectives of workshop
         • Round of introductions

    11:00 to 13:05

    Workshop for the use of a tool for balancing the supply and use tables, SUT (2 Dec 2021)


  • Session 2: Supply and use tables (SUT)

    11:25 to 12:00
  • Session 3: SUT balancing and other accounting constraints

    12:00 to 13:00
    • Michael Stanger, UNSD
         1) SUT balancing tool – SUTB (the formula)
         2) A RAS-type exercise
         3) SUT automatic balancing
         4) Additional constraints
         5) Conclusions and way forward