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Webinar: Covid-19 Latin American rail networks impacts and adaptations

22 June 2020|Event

Organize by the UIC Latin America Region together with the UIC Covid-19 Task Force Group and ALAF (Latin America Railway Association) with the participation of ECLAC

The webinar will be an opportunity to share experience between European, Asian and American railway representatives.

The welcome and introductory messages will be delivered by François Davenne, UIC Director General, Guilherme Quintella, Chairman of the UIC Latin American Region and José Villafañe, General Secretary of ALAF. Concluding the session, Marc Guigon, Coordinator of the UIC Covid-19 Task Force and the Latin America Region for the UIC will present the work of the group.
The two conferences will consist of two panels: Asian/European and American, each followed by a Q&A session, moderated by Marc Guigon and Vanessa Pérez Miranda.

  • Panel 1 focusing on the Asian and European experience

  • Panel 2 providing an overview of the reality in different countries in the Latin American Region.


22 June 2020


François DAVENNE, Director General, UIC
Guilherme QUINTELLA, Chairman Latin America Region, UIC
José VILLAFAÑE, General Secretary, ALAF

Marc GUIGON, Head of the Covid-19 Taskforce and Coordinator of Latin America Region, UIC

PANEL 1: Specificities of European and Asian Networks: What challenges for what decisions? Measures taken by some Rail Networks

Yasunari NAKAJIMA, Director & Masayoshi TOYOHARA, Deputy manager, Paris Office, JR-East, Japan
Theodoros, TOLIAS, Passenger Director, Trainose, Greece

PANEL 2: Focus on the case of Latin American Networks: Facing “Covid 19”: Management system development

The role of rail transport to improve connectivity in Latin America in a post-COVID scenario
Gabriel PÉREZ-SALAS, Economic Affairs Officer, Infrastructure Services Unit, ECLAC, United Nations

Jean PEJÓ, General Secretary ALAF, Brasil
Joubert FLORES, President, ANP Trilhos, Brasil
Eduardo PELLEGRINA FILHO, Vice-president, Rumo Logística, Brasil
Agustín SPECIAL, Deputy Secretary of Transport, Argentina
Ricardo LISSALDE, President, ADIFSE, Argentina
Marcos CHICOTE, General Manager, BRT (Operación privada Subte y FC Metropolitano), Argentina
Miguel Ángel ZAMAYOA, General Manager, Guatemala
Lauro RAMIREZ LÓPEZ, President, FEPASA, Paraguay


Practical information


The language use during the web conference will be Spanish with translation from English to Spanish when necessary. Chilean time (UTC-4 hours)