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Observatory on Border Crossing Status due to COVID-19

5 April 2020|Briefing note

The observatory is a joint effort of the Regional Commissions of the United Nations, to gather all the updated information on the limitations of the border crossing both in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the rest of the world due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

International movements are facing unprecedented challenges as an increasing number of countries around the world close their borders and impose travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The patchwork of uncoordinated measures taken complicates compliance by transport operators. 

Thus, UNECE in collaboration with ECLAC, UNESCAP, UNESCWA and other international partners have launched an “Observatory on border crossing status due to COVID-19” whith the aims to gather all updated information regarding border crossing limitations worldwide due to COVID-19 outbreak.

For the UN regional commissions, this observatory  is an effort of all transport focused organizations to:

- inform the transport market about the status of border crossing measures imposed all around the world

- inform the governments about good practices implemented already by other Governments

- keep the borders opened facilitating the flow of goods and supply chains

- facilitate decisions by providing Governments and the transport market a knowledge sharing platform.

In the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, if you want to contribute to the Observatory sending us the latest measures imposed at your country's borders to our focal point: Gabriel Pérez-Salas, Economic Affairs Officer, Infrastructure Services Unit, International Trade and Integration Division, to the email