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The leading role of Latin American and Caribbean parliamentarians in building a new green and inclusive development model

1 December 2023|Event

Side Event of the OPCC at the Pavilion of Brazil at COP 28 (18:00-19:00pm, Dubai local time, GMT+4)

The OPCC event in partnership with the Brazilian Government will be dedicated to expressing the common voice of Latin American and Caribbean parliamentarians at the twenty-eighth UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) to happen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The OPCC Joint Statement at COP28 will be launched at the event. It will bring to light the proposals for building a green, sustainable, inclusive and just development model in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Building this new development model requires regulatory frameworks, policies and legislation that enable investments and actions in strategic areas for sustainability, in order to enhance positive social, economic and environmental impacts and minimize the risks and adverse impacts that they may entail. These strategic areas include the commonly recognized green sectors (renewable energy, bioeconomy, electromobility, sustainable use of water and land), but also science, innovation and technology, productive and industrial capabilities, among others, so that the region can, in addition to achieving the necessary greenhouse gas reduction, also create jobs, generate income and increase its competitiveness through the expansion of national production of these sustainable solutions. The event and the joint statement will bring to light the proposals and paths, from the point of view of effective legal frameworks and the leading role of parliaments, so that the countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world can develop comprehensive and ambitious green and just transition plans that contribute to protecting the environment and tackle climate urgency while promoting socioeconomic development and their populations well-being.

The OPCC side event at the Brazilian Pavilion at COP 28 will contribute to further the debates on paths and proposals for building sustainable development models, based on the points of view and experiences of parliamentary leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean. The invited parliamentarians will present their perspectives, reflections and legislative proposals, illustrating relevant legislations and legal frameworks in the countries represented in the OPCC. The following moment of the parliamentarians’ symbolic signatures on the Joint Statement at the OPCC Side event will express the common voice of legislators, highlighting their opinions and commitments to building a new model of green, sustainable, inclusive and just development.

Preliminary Program





Senator Jaques Wagner, Leader of the Government at the Federal Senate of the Federative Republic of Brazil and Co-founder of the OPCC (CONFIRMED)

The OPCC and the parliamentarians’ role to build a productive, sustainable, and inclusive future

6 pm - 6:10 pm (10 minutes)

José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Executive Secretary of ECLAC (CONFIRMED)

Paths and proposals for a new development model: perspectives from Brazil

6:10 pm - 6:18 pm (8 minutes)

Deputy Célia Xakriabá, President of the Amazon and Native Peoples Commission and Chamber of Deputies of Brazil and co-chair of the OPCC (to be confirmed)

Paths and proposals for a new development model: perspectives from the Caribbean and the British Virgin Islands

6:18 pm - 6:26 pm (8 minutes)

Premier Natalio D. Wheatley, British Virgin Islands (CONFIRMED)

Paths and proposals for a new development model: perspectives from Mexico

6:26 pm - 6:34 pm (8 minutes)

Senator Raúl Bolaños-Cachos Cué, President of the Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change at the Senate of the Republic of Mexico and Chair of the OPCC (CONFIRMED)

Paths and proposals for a new development model: perspectives from Bolivia

6:34 pm - 6:42 pm (8 minutes)

Senator Cecilia Requena, President of the Commission on Land and Territory, Natural Resources and Environment of the Senate of Bolivia, chair of the OPCC (CONFIRMED)

Paths and proposals for a new development model: perspectives from Colombia

6:42 pm - 6:50 pm (8 minutes)

Representative Juan Carlos Losada, Member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Water and Biodiversity at the House of Representatives of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia and Chair of the OPCC (CONFIRMED)

Closing remarks

6:50 pm - 6:55 pm (5 minutes)

Deputy Nilto Tatto, Member of the Environment Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, co-chair of the OPCC (to be confirmed)

Symbolic Signing of the Joint Declaration

6:55 pm - 7 pm (5 minutes)

Parliamentarians gather for an official photo with the signed joint statement

Practical information

The in-person event will take place at Pavilion of Brazil at COP28, located in the Blue Zone of the conference.

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