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First virtual seminar Why implement the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) in my country?

7 July 2022|Event

Organized by the UN-GGIM Americas Board of Directors and the CARIGEO Coordinating Committee, with the collaboration of the UN-GGIM Secretariat and the IGIF High Level Group.

This International Seminar, facilitated by UN-GGIM: Americas, is open to the participation of a broad spectrum of representatives of the national geospatial community, such as: organizations that lead the development of the Geospatial Data Infrastructure (IDE) at the national level; technical staff and decision makers in different sectors of public administration at various territorial levels, such as statistics, health, education, environment, natural resources, housing, public works, energy, disaster management, social, and agriculture, among others) related to subnational regions, departments and municipalities. Likewise, it is expected to have the valuable participation of representatives from the academic and private sector in this important event.

Finally, the contribution of technicians and directors of regional organizations and initiatives related to the management of Geospatial Information will also be very welcome.

  1. Disseminate the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) to a broad spectrum of institutional actors linked to the management of geospatial and statistical information.

  2. Share good practices on the implementation of the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework at the national level.

  3. Provide a space for regional discussion and provide guidance to Member States on the actions to be considered for the implementation of the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework and its nine strategic pathways at the country level, with the support of the IGIF Implementation Guide and other tools and materials produced by the UN-GGIM Secretariat and the World Bank.

  4. Analyze the needs and challenges that Member States may have in these matters.

7 Jul 2022

  • Welcome remarks

    10:00 to 10:05

    ¿Por qué implementar el Marco Integrado de Información Geoespacial (IGIF) en mi país?

      ▪ Sofía Nilo, President UN-GGIM: Americas

      ▪ Stefan Schweinfest, UNSD/UNGGIM

      ▪ Paloma Merodio, Co-chair UN-GGIM

  • The importance of implementing the Geospatial Information Framework, IGIF

    10:05 to 10:15
    • Deirdre Bishop, Copresidenta HLG-IGIF/Co-chair HLG-IGIF
      (Sólo inglés /Only English)
  • National IGIF assessments in the Americas: findings and priorities for action

    10:15 to 10:25
  • IGIF national implementation experience

    10:25 to 10:45
    • Berihu Alemayehu Gidey, Ethiopian Space Science and Geospatial Institute
      ETIOPÍA / ETHIOPIA (Sólo inglés /Only English)
      Meizyanne Hicks, Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources
      Fiji Country Action Plan (CAP) to strengthen geospatial arrangements
  • Breakout Session: main national challenges and needs to implement the IGIF

    10:45 to 11:45
    • » Resultados del cuestionario sobre temas prioritarios / Results of the questionnaire on priority issues
  • Wrap and conclusions

    11:45 to 11:55
    • Cecille Blake, Secretariado UN-GGIM / UN-GGIM Secretariat
  • Final remarks and closure

    11:55 to 12:00
    • Sofía Nilo, Presidenta UN-GGIM: Américas /President UN-GGIM: Americas
      Rolando Ocampo, Director de la División de Estadísticas de la CEPAL/Statistics Division ECLAC

Practical information

Contacto/Contact: Pamela Castillo, Secretaria Ejecutiva UN-GGIM: Américas/Executive Secretary UN-GGIM: Americas