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VI REDLAS Conference: Trends and Perspectives for Production and Trade in Services in Latin America and the Caribbean

21 September 2017|Event


Conference title and organizers
VI Conference REDLAS 2017

The Latin American and Caribbean Network on Services Research -REDLAS- ( is a network of research groups and individuals actively involved in service trade research and policy formulation. REDLAS members come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and they are mostly part of universities and research institutes, while others are employed in governments, international organizations and the private sector. 

The VI REDLAS Conference will discuss topics such as new niches of services based on automation, trade negotiations, public policies and Public and Private Partnership to promote trade in services and their impact on plurilateral and bilateral processes; facilitation and other kinds of servitization; the incorporation of services in Global Value Chains; and case studies of specific fields and companies. 

The local Organizers are the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, and CAATEC. In addition, they are supported by the Regional Program SOPLA from the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, INFOCOOP, ECLAC and the University of Chile.

See the attached agenda.