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Seminar: "Trade, Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and Global Value Chains: An Integration Strategy and Integration for Latin America"

3 June 2014|Event

This international seminar takes place at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile, on 3 and 4 June 2014 and has been organized jointly by UNCTAD and the CAF.

Tuesday, 3 June

09:00 Opening

  • Osvaldo Rosales, ECLAC
  • Masataka Fujita, UNCTAD
  • Juan Carlos Elorza, CAF

09:45 Panorama and World Latin American FDI

  • General Trends in FDI. UNCTAD
  • Situation of FDI in Latin America Miguel Pérez, ECLAC
  • Questions and Answers Session

11:15 Latin America: From receptors to investors

  • Analysis of Latin American Multinational Enterprises. Eugenio Rivera, Fundación Chile 21
  • Policy BNDES to support the internationalization of Brazilian trans. Marcelo Alves de Figueiredo, BNDES

14:30 Regulatory reforms to attract FDI in Latin America

  • "Regulation of FDI in Latin America. Options for the next wave of investment climate reforms". Augusto López-Claros, IFC
  • Investment Policy Framework of the OECD. Andrea Goldstein, OECD
  • Discussants: Miguel Pérez, ECLAC

17:00 General Discussion Session

Wednesday, 4 June

09:00 FDI in Latin America and Institutions

  • Institutions, sectoral dynamics and FDI in Latin America: a new emerging reality. Michael Penfold, CAF
  • Question and answers

09:45 Global value chains: Investment and Trade Development

  • Patterns, Implications and Policies for CVG in Latin America. UNCTAD
  • Question and answers

11:00 Panel 4: Trade, Integration, FDI and insertion in Global Chains

  • Regional Integration: Towards a strategy for inclusive value chains. ECLAC
  • Question and answers

11:00 Session Conclusions and General Discussion

12:30 Closure

  • Michael Penfold. CAF