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Workshop on population projections in Latin America. Methodologies and future challenges

20 Sep 2017 | Workshop

The objective of the workshop is to discuss the methodological advances in the population estimates and projections applied in the countries of the Region in recent years and to identify the future challenges to be faced.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course
Tipo de financiamiento
Sobre el financiamiento
Aunque el taller no tiene costo de matrícula, los costos de transporte, alojamiento y alimentación son responsabilidad de los participantes o de las instituciones que los patrocinan.

Target audience

Officials of the statistical institutions in countries of the region with knowledge in demographic methods, members of society who work with research on demographic methods, and students of statistics, demographics and related areas.


This training workshop is intensive, and will be taught in Spanish for a duration of 4 hours and will be held in the morning as a parallel event to the XIV Argentine Conference on Population Studies and I International Congress on Population in the Southern Cone.

During the workshop, the methodology used in the CELADE and the United Nations Population Division will be introduced to prepare population estimates and projections. As well as, the experience of the countries in the preparation of population estimates and projections at the sub national level, and the future challenges of the process of updating population estimates and projections as an input to the monitoring indicators of the 2030 Agenda and censuses of the population of the 2020 round.

At the end of the workshop there will be a draft of recommendations aimed at facing the challenges ahead.

This workshop is part of the support activities that the CELADE-Population Division, and the ALAP/CELADE Pro data Network, provides to national and international institutions in demographic analysis training.


  • Inauguración
  1. Paulo Saad, CELADE-División de Población de la CEPAL
  2. Guiomar  Bay, CELADE/ALAP
  3. Cristina Massa, AEPA
  • El estado del arte en la región. Guiomar Bay
  • La metodología de las proyecciones de población WPP 2017. Lina Bassarsky
  • Proyecciones sub-nacionales. Experiencias de los países
  • Software utilizados en la región. Enrique Peláez y Eduardo Torres
  • Conclusiones y recomendaciones. Guiomar Bay y Enrique Peláez