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21 de julio de 2016 | Noticia
This initiative complements the recently launched ECLAC proposal for debt for climate adaptation swaps since it is designed to promote fiscal responsibility and build the fiscal resilience of the Caribbean; conditions which are integral to the success of the debt swap proposal.
13 de mayo de 2016 | Noticia
A high level ECLAC mission that included the Director of the subregional headquarters for the Caribbean, Diane Quarless, visited Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados, to inform project stakeholders about the upcoming activities of the ongoing ECLAC Development Account project, “Strengthening the technical capacity of public finance managers in select Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS)”. The project will also be introduced to policy makers in Belize.
14 de abril de 2016 | Noticia
At the Fourth CDR meeting this year, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Bárcena, will present the organisation’s proposal on debt for climate adaptation swap, harnessing green funds to facilitate growth and economic transformation.
26 de junio de 2015 | Noticia
Ministers and high-level Government representatives from the Caribbean gathered in Trinidad and Tobago to consider progress made in implementation of development strategies for the region on occasion of the 17th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC).
27 de mayo de 2015 | Noticia
The Caribbean receives higher amounts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) when compared to other developing economies, according to a newly published report from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).
7 de mayo de 2015 | Noticia
ECLAC Deputy Executive Secretary Antonio Prado moderated the panel discussion entitled “Advocating innovative financing solutions” at the Forum on the Future of the Caribbean on Thursday 7 May 2015.
5 de mayo de 2015 | Noticia
ECLAC’s Deputy Executive Secretary Antonio Prado signaled that if the Caribbean is to achieve equitable growth in an environmentally sustainable manner, critical challenges will have to be addressed, the most urgent of these being the high and unsustainable levels of public debt.
2 de diciembre de 2014 | Noticia
La Sede Subregional de la CEPAL para el Caribe ayudará a profundizar la experiencia de los encargados de formular políticas y de los administradores financieros de varios países para lograr un mejor manejo y pronóstico de los gastos, ingresos y deudas públicas.
1 de octubre de 2014 | Noticia
Caribbean governments are set to gain greater capacity in the management of public finance.
1 de septiembre de 2014 | Anuncio
La Tercera Conferencia Internacional sobre los PEID (SIDS, en inglés) se celebrará del 1 al 4 de septiembre de 2014 en Apia, en el Estado Independiente de Samoa. La CEPAL también participará en dos eventos paralelos durante la reunión.