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About Social development

The mission of ECLAC in the area of social development consists in promoting integral human development with a rights-based approach in Latin America and the Caribbean; conducting and disseminating analyses of the social situation in the region on particular issues and with respect to specific groups of the population; analysing the impacts, levels of investment and management of social policies and programmes implemented by the governments in the region, at their various levels; disseminating details of successful or innovative experiences to inform decision-making in countries; advising governments in the region on issues of social development; and helping train the professionals and technicians of the relevant public bodies.

The work of ECLAC in this area focuses on analysing the social reality of the region and cooperating with Latin American and Caribbean countries to devise and implement public social policies to combat poverty, inequality and social exclusion, and achieve levels of well-being sufficient to ensure the full exercise of social, economic and cultural rights.

The services and outputs of the Social Development Division include regional, national and subnational studies; comparative analyses of policies and policymaking services; the dissemination and exchange of experiences in respect of analytical models and policy alternatives; the collection, processing and dissemination of data on indicators and the management of social policies; the coordination of stakeholders and specialized institutions; technical assistance and training for national working groups.

Its main areas of work currently include social protection, poverty and inequality, education, management and social investment/spending, social innovation, children and young people, food and nutritional security and persons with disabilities.