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About Production, productivity and management

The ECLAC mission in the area of production, productivity and management is to prepare and disseminate analysis and policy proposals on the structure and dynamics of production and innovation systems at the sectoral and microeconomic level, as well as their determinants. It also focuses on economic, social and environmental impacts in this area. ECLAC evaluates and prepares public policy proposals, promotes the exchange of experiences, provides technical assistance and supports capacity-building among relevant economic actors in the region.

The work of ECLAC primarily consists in the analysis and proposal of policies for changing the production structure of the industrial and services sectors, as well as the behaviour of the main economic actors (transnational corporations, large domestic groups and small and medium-sized enterprises) and their microeconomic performance in terms of productivity, innovation and capacity-building.

Its working methodology combines action with theoretical and empirical research, devised and produced in close collaboration with national and regional agencies. Using this methodology, the Division provides five types of service:

  • Analysis of the productive development of Latin American and Caribbean countries.
  • Technical assistance and advisory services regarding the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies.
  • Experience-sharing among policymakers and analysts through the organization of meetings, seminars and conferences.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and the supply of training through publications, courses and conferences.
  • Creation and distribution of quantitative and qualitative information on productive development.

The main users of these services are the local or national government authorities, executives and technicians responsible for policy design and implementation; business associations, unions and civil society organizations, cooperation agencies and academic institutions.