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About Financing for development

The mission of ECLAC in the area of financing for development is entrusted to its Economic Development Division and consists in promoting the effective generation and efficient allocation of financial resources to support development and equality in Latin America and the Caribbean.


To enhance the capacities of makers and practitioners of financial policy in Latin America and the Caribbean to generate and allocate domestic and foreign resources for inclusive economic and social development.

To build the capacities of policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean to contribute to the debate on reforming global, regional and national financial architecture, with a particular focus on middle-income countries, official development assistance (ODA) and innovative financing mechanisms.

With a view to fulfilling its objectives and contributing to the Commission’s programme of work, the Economic Development Division conducts studies and research and provides consultancy services and recommendations in respect of the formulation, implementation, management and monitoring of policies, programmes and projects in the following main areas: global, national and regional financial architecture; inclusive financial development; international development cooperation; and the financing of social protection.