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International Policy Lessons: Integrated Report

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International Policy Lessons: Integrated Report

Author: Iammarino, Simona - Savona, María - Marinelli, Elisabetta - Sait, M. Adil - Andrés-Alpízar, Guillermo L. Physical Description: 58 pages. Editorial: ECLAC Date: September 2023 ECLAC symbol: LC/MEX/TS.2023/27


As part of the activities of the Joint Program “Support for the development of an Integrated National Financing Framework for SDGs in Cuba” (CIFFRA), a comprehensive review of international policy lessons was carried out in four development financing key areas: (i) export promotion; (ii) attraction and channeling of foreign direct investment (FDI); (iii) promotion of science, technology and innovation (STI); and (iv) governance and public investment.

Five reports were drawn up and two compilations with 11 case studies on policies to promote exports and attract FDI by international consultants. This integrated report summarizes the outcome of the five reports, offering cross-cutting learning and policy recommendations.

Table of contents

Summary .-- Introduction .-- I. The Cuban context: high human development and economic inequality .-- II. Creating and strengthening local capacities for science, technology, and innovation .-- III. Supporting internationalization through trade .-- IV. Encouraging Internationalisation through Promoting FDI .-- V. Decentralised governance and public investment .-- VI. Concluding remarks.