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The Latin American regulatory environment for digital trade

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The Latin American regulatory environment for digital trade

Author: Loria Obando, Sofía - Mulder, Nanno - Ferencz, Janos Physical Description: 50 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Date: December 2022 ECLAC symbol: LC/TS.2022/176


The volume of trade in digitally enabled services in Latin America and the Caribbean is determined, in part, by the complexity and heterogeneity of the regulatory environment in home and destination markets, according to firm-level surveys conducted in the region. This report analyses the regulation of digitally enabled and computer services in 13 Latin American countries using the Digital Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (DSTRI) and the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index for computer services (CSSTRI) developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The results for the period 2014–2019 show significant differences across these 13 countries, with some having relatively low import barriers to digitally enabled and computer services, while others have comparatively high barriers. A more harmonized and adequate legal framework can increase confidence, security and certainty —and, therefore, trade— in these types of services.

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Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Regulatory environment affecting digital trade in Latin America .-- II. Conclusions and recommendations. A. Harmonization of the regulatory digital environment in Latin America.
B. Implementation of trade facilitation measure.
C. Regulatory cooperation across the Latin American region.