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A Call to Action to Boost Women’s Leadership and Parity Democracy in the Americas

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A Call to Action to Boost Women’s Leadership and Parity Democracy in the Americas

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL - taskFORCE Physical Description: 30 páginas. Editorial: taskFORCE Date: November 2022 ECLAC symbol: LC/TS.2022/89


International and regional organizations, with special emphasis on those comprising the Inter-American Task Force on Women’s Leadership, as well as the feminist and women’s movement, have highlighted that the presence of women in key decision-making spaces is essential to ensuring that the response and recovery from these crises are sustainable and do not deepen pre-existing gaps1. They have also stressed that the achievement of women’s rights and the participation of women in decision-making processes are fundamental to democratic governance. The aspiration is to achieve a “parity democracy” in which sub-stantive equality and parity between men and women become the backbone of the transformations promoted by inclu-sive States.

This document, developed jointly by the 13 institutions composing the Inter-American Task Force on Women’s Leader-ship, seeks to contribute to these reflections and call for action to promote women’s leadership and parity democracy in the Americas.

Table of contents

1 Introduction .-- 2 Women’s Leadership in International and Regional Conventions and Commitments .-- 3 Why Women’s Leadership and Participation are Important .-- 4 Women in Decision-Making Processes .-- 5 Guarantees for Women’s Political Participation and Parity .-- 6 Structural Barriers to Women’s Leadership. 6.1.Concentration of Power and Restrictions on the Political Participation of Women. 6.2.Patriarchal Cultural Patterns: Gender Stereotypes and Biases. 6.3.The Continuum of Violence against Women in Political Life. 6.4.Unfair Sexual Division of Labor and the Social
Organization of Care. 6.5.Economic Inequality. 6.6.Threats to Women’s Full and Effective Participation and Decision-Making in Public Life .-- 7 A Call for Action to Accelerate Efforts .-- 8 In Closing.