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The Eurasian Economic Union & Latin America and the Caribbean: A Transcontinental Partnership

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UN symbol.: LC/MEX/TS.2021/8/Rev.1 116 p. Editorial: ECLAC October 2021


Establishing relations between the EAEU and LAC regions has been neither simple nor swift, but rather has resembled a tangled movement in search of mutual interests and sustainable communication. Sharing the adherence to the principles of inclusive and sustainable growth and mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation, the two regions have faced challenges in an attempt to leverage the potential of entrepreneurial, social and political contacts, primarily due to geographical remoteness and diverse historical background. Nevertheless, the common difficulties and the multifaceted strengths of the EAEU and LAC economies engender numerous opportunities both in the form of sharing public policy experience and spurring business links. The major challenges of these times, especially with regards to the COVID-19 crisis and climate change, are amongst those in which collaboration between the regions can have a positive impact.

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Foreword .-- Abstract .-- Chapter I. General overview of the economy and international affairs .-- Chapter II. Prospects for mutual trade development .-- Chapter III. Prospects for mutual investments .-- Chapter IV. Inclusive and sustainable growth in the two regions: assessments, challenges, opportunities .-- Chapter V. Prospects for cooperation.