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Nationalism and development: an alternative for Mexico

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Nationalism and development: an alternative for Mexico

Author: Núñez Rodríguez, Gaspar - Romero Tellaeche, José Antonio Physical Description: páginas. 217-24 Date: August 2020 ECLAC symbol: LC/PUB.2020/9-P/Rev.1


The most developed countries have generally had an active State, a driving, regulatory and protectionist State, among other roles, although the most consolidated concept seems to be that of a developmental State. In this paper, a social accounting matrix of Mexico is constructed in order to design a dynamic-recursive applied general equilibrium model to analyse and quantify the impact of policies that were promoted by the State; in particular, policies aimed at increasing private savings and subsidies for the consumption of domestic inputs. The implementation of these simple policies was found to have a substantial positive impact overall, from which important economic policy elements for a development strategy emerge.