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The enhancement of resilience to disasters and climate change in the Caribbean through the modernization of the energy sector

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Author: Flores, Adrián - Peralta, Leda UN symbol.: LC/CAR/TS.2019/7 79 p. Editorial: ECLAC January 2020


The Caribbean region is prone to disasters due to its geographic location. The exposures and resulting impacts of these disasters are aggravated by persistent social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities. Compounded with the region’s current dependence on imported fossil fuels and financial constraints, this study seeks to stimulate discussions around the complementarity of energy with every societal sector as well as its links with disaster risk management, and promote government-wide management that integrates energy policies, disaster management and climate change impacts.

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Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Risk assessment .-- II. Removal of barriers .-- III. Modernization of the energy sector. A. Enhancing demamd-side energy efficiency. B. Incorporation of renewable energies. C. Grid modernization .-- IV. Monitoring and verification .-- V. Case studies: Trinidad and Tobago. Grenada .-- VI. Final considerations.

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